Monday, December 17, 2007

Taxidermy werewolf head progress

The eyes look so much better set in the face. My roommate said it looks like the wolf from Neverending totally does!! Alot more needs to be done, longer fur in parts, lips need work, ears suck...but it's getting there. I'm just happy it's coming together.

More progress on the werewolf head!

there are a few more photos in my flickr account :)

Painted the glass eyes myself.

glass eyes painted

taxidermy 1
taxidermy 8
taxidermy 5
taxidermy 4

Still needs alot more work..will post more progress!


flaviano said...

ok i don't talk about your illustration because are simply great :)
i've studing sculpture at the accademy ad i'm really evious of your monster! terrifing stuff.
and congrats to Bezerkette, great fighter, great character, really well done.

da janx said...

Run Bastion, run!

It's awesome. Kudos to you MM. i don't know what compells you to make such creations, but they're great.