Saturday, December 29, 2007

fabric monster

o I was introduced to a magical material that allows one to iron fabrics to each other! No sewing! My friend Corrina showed me the stuff, i guess it's a common seamstress thing but i had never heard of it. I have wanted to make wall hangings for years, but was always discouraged by the need to sew everything on. Remember that Okami wall hanging i made from felt? The one that took me for-fucking-ever? I may have to do a new one that kicks that one's ass.

This actually took me a long time to put together, I spent pretty much this entire day working on him. It still needs some little minor detailing and I'd like to sew in some little thread accents ( or not, i don't know). It also needs to be trimmed and a dowel is needed for proper hanging. BUT I REALLY LIKE THIS!!!!

The fabric i used is actually kind of shiny and has a cool texture. You can't really tell how much work went into this since i had to use my iphone to take photos as my our of town boyfriend borrowed by camera. It's really clean and looks like a big flag...has that same wieght and texture. My first attempt from last night is pretty bad but im really glad i didn't give up on this method and tried again. All the pieces STAY on! They are like....melted to each other, it is so cool looking.

blue monster fabric5blue monster fabric6
blue monster fabric3
blue monster fabric2

Makes for a cool curtain! Pinned up over a window....those are piles of dirty laundry.

blue monster fabric4

Now that i understand what to do ( and what not to do) im hoping to make more of these with more detail and color sort of limited to what they have at the store in this material and i didnt want to buy up thirty different colors at $4 a yard but i think this is awesome. I just wish i had better photos :C

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da janx said...

that looks way rad. miss monster meets matisse. that's some sweet fabric stick-um stuff.

happy new year, yo.

do some laundry for crying out loud.