Monday, December 10, 2007

more art!

i have been working on a pendant to be cast in silver. Click to see the whole image if it gets cut off...

The sculpey version:
silver pendant sculpt

And the wax copy:
wax cast

Made to come apart to be cast in silver, then welded:
wax cast2

So that's fun. I have been wanting to get back into silver stuff for years but i dont have the space for the equipment. I found a pro jeweller willing to make this stuff into silver so that solves that issue! He's very nice and does good work, im very glad he's down with doing this for me!

The werewolf head is coming along! I added sculpey parts ( the grey and pink) and will bake them with a hairdryer or heat gun since foam doesnt do well in ovens. I will also add painted glass eyes as soon as the blanks arrive in the mail. The the final part will be adding fake fur!
taxidermy werewolf head

Also, have some paintings!
glow horn2
glow foo 2
glowy kitty 2
fire monster

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