Monday, April 12, 2010

Barth, the Goblin

Goblin_doll_barth 7
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This is Barth. He's the first of my new Goblin doll series. Each Goblin will be unique, no two will look the edition of one!

Barth's ears, face and claws are all made from cast plastic. Everything is hand sewn, hand painted...totally handmade. They are soft, plush floppy type armature yet but that might happen down the road. Faces will be from the same mold but customized to be unique. Some will have earrings, dreadlocks, manes, spikes, little strands of bones or twigs and each will have a name.

Barth spends most of his time sleeping and he enjoys mealworm flavored ice cream. If you are interested in hosting Barth as a permanent house guest, go here:

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