Thursday, July 5, 2007

etched copper dragon

Did an expirament and managed to etch some metal! I have always admired the steampunk brass etchings but never wanted to fiddle with electricity, it freaks me out. Mine are not nearly as good as his but it's a start. I didnt want to rip him off either so im glad mine isnt identical to the steampunk method.
It didnt put much effort into this first try, as I wasnt sure if my material would work and didnt want to waste time on something super detailed or large. I'll probably try out some jewelry or maybe just work larger and hang the metal right on the wall. I'd love to do some journal covers but again, I don't want to step on any steampunk toes.

Oh and here's the steampunk etching page! Pretty awesome! Click for the Steampunk Workshop...

And here is mine! It will get better with every attempt but for now im excited to have a new material to dink around with. Yay!

copper dragon

copper dragon 2


Jason Chalker said...

Very cool!

j.slipchinsky said...

are you going to use the etching to make prints? or just as an art piece itself?

missmonstermel said...

..thanks guys!
More as it's own piece...the etch doesnt really eat away at the metal, it just sort of corrodes it. this method wouldnt work as a print option...though that would be awesome!!

Benjamin Hall said...


That's really neat!