Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some gold!

Welcome to the new place where I post my art. I'm also on livejournal, deviantart, and MySpace. I post new art just about every day, sometimes several times a day. To start things off here are a few of the Japanese style paintings I have made. they are painted with gouache on cardboard and range from one to three feet long...

The photos arent the best, sorry for that! :D I do take commissions for these so feel free to email me at missmonstercommissions @ gmail.com

japanese phoenix
japanese hawk
japanese foo 2
japanese falcon
fox one
fox two
fox three
wolf small
foo face
mega foo
mega foo 2
mega foo scale


da janx said...

'bout frikkin time you got you a blog.

you're kickin' it, sis.

and when i say "it" i mean



gone said...

YES! a missmonster blog, finally, fantastic!

missmonstermel said...

hahaa thanks guys! Indeed, why didnt I do this sooner? DERP.


Why are my pics being cut off at the edges? I'm drunk so maybe it's me...i didnt know i had to keep my babies limited to a certain spec. BAH!

a.litsa said...

Yay, your new blog looks nice. It's much easier to see your art when I can just scroll down (as opposed to LJ-cuts, you know?) Well, cool. I really like your new Japanese style stuff, especially the ones with warm, light colors like the owl and the one at the bottom of your post. Yay Melly! I miss you bein' around! Chicago better be treatin' you well. =)

Benjamin Hall said...

What a stunning beginning for an art blog! I am awaiting further awesomeness!